Advanced Phycology Seminar

  • For writing essay literature written in English could be used, not Czech sources!
  • At least 10 articles from the Web of Science database must be used.
  • The type of articles is up to you - research results, opinions, letters etc., maximum 1 review in the reference list.
  • Use only primary sources - no secondary citations!
  • Essays minimum range is 7 pages + references
  • References will be according to the Journal of Phycology guidelines
  • Time schedule:
    • 13th March: 1st consultation – outline of essays, selected papers checking
    • 10th April: 2nd consultation – first 4 pages!
    • 15th May: deadline for sending essays, presentation on the labmeeting
Student Essay topic Consultant

Consultation I.


Consultation II.


Fišer, Robin Algae in Biotic Associations
Pepa papers till 16/3/2018, outline till 20/3/2018  
Flekalová, Aneta Technological Applications of Algae Tomáš O.K.  
Hnátek, David Phytoplankton Ecology Hanys papers + outline till 20/3/2018  
Hrubý, František Endosymbiosis and the Origin of Eukaryotic Algae Pepa O.K.  
Rasouli Dogaheh, Somayeh The Roles of Algae in Biogeochemistry Tomáš papers + outline till 21/3/2018